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What do we do?

The SEUPB has a number of different functions and roles. It is the Managing Authority with overall responsibility for the monitoring and evaluation of the PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programmes. As such it chairs and provides overall administration support for the Programme Monitoring Committees.

It is the Joint Secretariat responsible for providing information on funding opportunities. It prepares project assessments which are presented to the Steering Committee for their final decision. It also assists Lead Partners in the implementation of their projects.

It acts as Certifying Authority in certifying all expenditure claims submitted to the European Commission as well as controlling the Programme's cash flow and making payments to Lead Partners.

The SEUPB also has a Financial Control Unit responsible for verifying the legality and regularity of all expenditure incurred. It conducts pre-contracting checks on each Lead Partner and carries out administrative verifications of claims made by a project.