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Open Calls

There are currently no calls open under the PEACE IV 2014 - 2020 Programme.


Closed Calls

The following calls have closed:

Shared Education

Children and Young People 14 to 24 years

Local Authority Children and Young People

Shared Spaces and Services (Capital Development)

Shared Spaces and Services (Local Authority)

Shared Spaces and Services (Victims and Survivors)

Building Positive Relations (Local Authority Action plans)

Building Positive Relations (Regional Level)


Funding Call Timetable

The Funding Call Timetable below will tell you when the SEUPB will accept applications for each of the different objectives of the PEACE IV Programme. Each thematic objective is only open to accept applications at certain times, and the SEUPB cannot accept applications outside of this.

Funding Call Timetable


Review Procedure

Click here for details of the review procedure which can be used by unsuccessful applicants.

Click here for the review request template.

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