Scientists Study Coastal Erosion at Murlough Beach

MarPAMM Murlough Beach

A team of coastal scientists from Ulster University is conducting regular surveys of Co.Down's Newcastle to Dundrum (Murlough Bay) beach system to find out how, and why, our coastline changes in order to better plan for the protection of our fragile coastal environment.

The work is part of the €6.4m, INTERREG VA funded MarPAMM project (Marine Protected Area Management and Monitoring), which is developing tools and plans to protect vulnerable marine habitats and species in the waters between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Murlough Bay beach study explores how climate-related processes (including sea-level rise and storms) may alter the physical environment that supports protected species and habitats on our coasts.

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SEUPB Assessment Processing Times


The Executive Summary of the 2018 Implementation Evaluation Report has now been published on the SEUPB website here

Details of the application processing times are detailed on page 6 of the Executive Summary.

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