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Like any major funder or sponsor the European Union expects to see that its logo is being used within your communications activity. Using the logo informs people about the commitment that the EU has in developing the region. Unlike the previous programming period both the PEACE IV and INTERREG VA Programmes have their own individual logos which should be used in consultation with the Publicity & Marketing Tool Kit.

Download PEACE IV Media Pack
Download INTERREG VA Media Pack





The Programme logos must be used in the format supplied and must not be recreated or modified in any way.  If you are having difficulties downloading the logos, please contact



A separate brand name and logo, Peace4Youth, has been specifically developed for the Children & Young People Objective (Action 2.1) of the PEACE IV Programme. It is a sub-brand of the programme and must be used in conjunction, as appropriate, with logos for the relevant match-funding government departments of this objective, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in Ireland and the Northern Ireland Executive in Northern Ireland.

The Peace4Youth brand guidelines must be used by projects funded under the objective. The logo is available in different versions below. If you have any difficulty accessing them please contact us via email:

Peace4Youth logo

Download Peace4Youth Media Pack


Programme Logo colours - PEACE IV & INTERREG VA

The logo colours are derived from the European flag and must not be changed.  For use in graphic and web design, the colours are defined below for all colour systems:

Pantone colour reference table

For single colour reproductions, a greyscale version of the logo should be used.  This logo should only be used whenever full colour is not available.


Programme Logo Rules - PEACE IV & INTERREG VA

The European Commission has a number of basic but important rules when it comes to the use of the Programme logo:

  • If other logos are displayed in addition to the Programme logo, the Programme logo shall have at least the same size, measured in height or width, as the biggest of the other logos;
  • The logo must always be clearly visible and placed in a prominent position.  Its position and size should be appropriate to the scale of the material or document on which it is used;
  • The logo must be displayed in colour on websites.  In all other usage of the logo, colour should be used whenever possible and a black and white version only when this is not possible.
  • Size - you need to ensure that the logo is recognisable and does not look distorted
  • Ideally the logo should be used on white backgrounds only.  Using the logo on a coloured background is possible if there is no alternative, but it must be a very light background so that the logo may be seen.