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Submitted by euadm2 on Fri, 12/16/2016 - 14:41

Improve Freshwater Quality in Cross-border River Basins (ERDF: €20m)

Within the Programme area, Ireland and Northern Ireland share 11 cross-border river basins.  Greater levels of cross-border collaboration between both jurisdictions is needed in order to improve freshwater quality and contribute to compliance with the Water Framework Directive requirements.

This objective will improve freshwater quality in cross-border river basins.  It will result in an increased percentage of cross-border freshwater bodies in cross-border river basins with good or high quality.  Appropriate interventions in water catchments can lead to an improvement in water quality which will mitigate against the need for capital investment and contribute to reduce operating costs whilst protecting and enhancing biodiversity.

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Output: 3 river water quality improvement projects completed

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Output: 50 cross-border groundwater monitoring wells installed

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Output: 1 cross-border drinking water Sustainable Catchment Area Management Plan


The above outputs can be achieved through the following indicative actions:

  • Development and implementation of integrated river basin management plans and actions;
  • Development and implementation of a management plan and projects for designated drinking water protected areas so the Water Framework Directive water classifications can be maintained and improved;
  • Activities related to the improvement of water quality;
  • Activities related to freshwater quality management research;
  • Activities related to establishing ground water monitoring wells.


Closed Funding Calls

The SEUPB closed this call at 3pm on 8 January 2016.