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FOI - 2016-09 Interns

Personal information
Submitted by euadm2 on Mon, 04/24/2017 - 10:46

Date of response:
October 2016

"Under the freedom of information act, I am requesting the following:

  • The total number of interns hired under the Jobbridge scheme by the Department  and by any agencies under the remit of this Department.
  • The department or agency under the remit of the department the intern was placed in. The average age of interns hired by the Department or by any agencies of this Department.
  • Gender breakdown of each intern.
  • How long each internship interns hired under Jobbridge stayed with the Department. The job description of each internship as advertised, including relevant qualifications and educational requirements.
  • Where the internship was advertised- what website it was published on.
  • How many interns under the Jobbridge scheme offered a full-time position by the Department after they had completed the scheme.
  • What stage of the internship was the job offered.
  • The starting salary of this job.
  • The starting and finishing dates of each intern. 
  • Information requested is from the inception of the scheme in 2013, to date."