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FOI - 2016-05 IT Provision

Personal information
Submitted by tsangm on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:57

Date of Response:
March 2016

"I previously made a Freedom of Information request regarding your IT network infrastructure for Special EU Programmes Body at 7th Floor, The Clarence West Building, 2 Clarence Street West, Belfast, county Antrim, BT2 7GP in 16/04/2013.
As the information would have almost certainly have changed since you provided it please could you update the information listed below and advise of any changes.

Q1. SEUPB has 30 HP desktops in its Belfast Office.
Q2. SEUPB has 11 laptops/notebooks/tablet PCs in its Belfast Office. 10 are HP and 1 is Toshiba.
Q3. SEUPB does not have any thin clients at its Belfast Office.
Q4. SEUPB uses Windows 7 Enterprise and Professional.
Q5. SEUPB has a total of 70 desktops, laptops and thin clients across the whole organisation.
Q6. SEUPB has 15 physical servers on site at the Belfast office, 13 are HP and 2 are Dell.
Q7. SEUPB has 10 virtual servers on site at the Belfast office.
Q8. SEUPB uses Microsoft Hyper-V server virtualisation software.
Q9. SEUPB uses Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 Server families.
Q10. SEUPB does not contract any supplier to provide maintenance support on desktops.
Q11. SEUPB uses HP as its SAN.Please be aware that we may wish to reuse the information as part of the services we provide to clients.
Q12. SEUPB does not use ERP or ERM software.
Q13. SEUPB uses Microsoft Exchange Server for Groupware Products.
Q14.SEUPB uses Microsoft SQL Server as its Database Product.
Q15. SEUPB does not use CRM Software.
Q16. SEUPB does not use a Business intelligent System.
Q17. SEUPB uses Infor SunSystems for its Finance and Accounting System.
Q18. SEUPB uses Hallmark PAMS including E-Recruit and Employee Self Service System.
Q19. SEUPB uses Bytel, T1, 4Mbps Synchronous dedicated.
Q20. SEUPB’s primary voice carrier is BT.
Q21. SEUPB has 41 phone extensions.
Q22. Yes, SEUPB uses VoIP.
Q23. SEUPB’s external calls are carried over a conventional phone line.
Q24. SEUPB uses Splicecom.
Q25. Rainbow Communications was awarded the maintenance contract on the PBX. This contract expires on the 9th December 2013.
Q26. SEUPB manages its own data centre.
Q27. SEUPB manages its own service desk."