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FOI - 2016 - 01 Recordable and Reportable Irregularities

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Submitted by tsangm on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 16:35

Date of Response:
Feb 2016

"I wish to apply under the Freedom of Information Act for the following documents relating to the Peace III funds and Intereg IVA funds:
1. All records held by the SEUPB on “irregularities”(as defined in SEUPBs Guidance Note on the Treatment of Irregularities) involving PEACE III and INTERREG IVA funds.
2. A list of all recordable and reportable irregularities created by the SEUPB.
3. A copy of every list that was forwarded to the EU Commission.  (I understand that the SEUPB is required to keep such as list as set out below, Reportable and Recordable Irregularities In line with Article 36 of Council Regulation (EC) No: 1828/2006, the Commission may request, at any stage of the programme, a list of all irregularities, including recordable and reportable.  Irregularities reportable to OLAF are those that;  Are greater than €10,000 ERDF, which translates to a total payment of €14,807 in the case of the PEACE III Programme; or Involve Fraud of any value)"