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PEACE PLUS Youth Programme

Online Pre-Development Support Workshop

Friday 10th December, 10am-11:30am

The EU PEACE PLUS Programme aims to build prosperity and peace within Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. Prior to any funding call to PEACE PLUS being opened, the SEUPB is co-ordinating an online pre-development support workshop targeted specifically at organisations who work with marginalised, disadvantaged, or excluded young people aged 14-24 years, who have deep social and emotional needs and are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, violence or dissident activity.

This forms part of Investment Area 3.2 of the new EU PEACE PLUS Programme. The key objective of Investment Area 3.2 is to ‘enhance the capacity of children and young people to form positive and effective relationships with others of a different background, develop their confidence and future potential, and contribute towards the creation of a more cohesive society’.

The SEUPB anticipates that a funding call for this Investment Area will open in Spring 2022. In advance of this, the online workshop will provide preliminary guidance to help potential applicants build their confidence, knowledge, and capacity so that they are best placed to make quality applications with a strong focus on outcomes that meet programme targets.

An indicative budget allocation has been set at €47m for this Investment Area. (Please note however, that the PEACE PLUS Programme is not fully approved and could be subject to change). It is anticipated that the majority of this funding will be invested in large-scale, multi-partner, cross-border collaborative projects. 

The online workshop will:

  • Explain the requirements of Area 3.2 and some of the details that are likely to be in the call including: types of project activities expected, area of impact, the outputs for the young people concerned;
  • Outline the key components of a strong application including EU funding requirements, and project management;
  • Discuss the financial implications for managing PEACE PLUS funding: capacity, cash flow, reporting; and
  • Provide a Q&A opportunity for those in attendance online.


Event Registration

This online workshop is a ticketed event, aimed specifically at organisations who work with marginalised, disadvantaged, or excluded young people aged 14-24 years, who have deep social and emotional needs and are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour, violence or dissident activity.

To apply for a ticket please contact the SEUPB via email: by COP 8 December. You will then be notified in advance of the event of your place, with a link to the online workshop. This confirmation will be sent via the email above. If need be, please speak to your IT department to ensure access is granted from emails coming from this address. 

A hyper-link to a video of the workshop and the event presentation will also be made available here, after the 10 December.

Documentation relating to this event can be requested in other languages and accessible formats such as MS Word, easy-read, large print, audio-CD and braille by emailing: or Text: 07841 367052.


Concept Note

Following the pre-development workshop, a concept note, capturing high-level details of a project idea, will also be made available. Any organisation interested in becoming a Lead Partner under Area 3.2 may express their interest by completing and returning this concept note. The concept note does not form part of the formal application process. Instead, it has been put in place to help guide potential applicants, to strengthen their application (should they decide to make one) and to help with a smoother project implementation process in the event of funding being awarded.

The concept note will be made available as a downloadable word document on 10th December. Interested parties are encouraged to complete and submit the concept note as soon as it is made available and send it to Completed forms will be accepted up until 31 January 2022. For all queries on the concept note, please use the email address provided above.


‘Potential Partner’ Notice Board

Would you also like to include your details on this web page as part of a ‘Potential Partner’ Notice Board? (In doing so you are confirming consent for the details you provide to be made publicly available via this website). Please note that all personal data you may provide to the SEUPB will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice, which can be accessed here.

Your details will only appear on this webpage until the 28 February 2022, at which point they will be removed. If you do want to use the ‘Potential Partner’ Notice Board facility please supply (a) your organisation’s name, (b) your organisation’s web address and (c) a relevant contact email address to


Potential Partner Notice Board

The following organisations have agreed to include their details here and are available to contact in relation to potentially forming a partnership for this Investment Area of the EU PEACE PLUS Programme.

Partner details to come...






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