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IA 5.2 Marine and Coastal Management

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Submitted by purdye on Tue, 01/24/2023 - 10:20


This Investment Area will enable a cross-border approach to the protection of the marine and coastal environment from potentially damaging human activities, and support the development of climate change adaptation plans which will increase the resilience of ecosystems, coastal communities, infrastructure and the marine economy.

The key objective of Investment Area 5.2 is to 'will promote climate change adaptation and sustainable marine and coastal management,' resulting in 'improved knowledge and management of the transboundary marine environment and a Programme Area which is more resilient and responsive to climate change and threats from human activities.'

Prior to the funding call to the new PEACEPLUS Programme opening the SEUPB are providing pre-application support for each Investment Area.

As part of the pre-development support for Investment area 5.2 the two jurisdictions have worked together to identify the areas, actions, and target species/populations which would benefit the most from Programme Support. These are based on need, on the policy priorities in the region, and on what we have learned from past Programmes. The priority list below provides specific populations and places where applicants should focus their attention in the development of project proposals and actions.

IA 5.2 - Priority Habitats and Species across the Programme Area

There will be a pre-application support workshop for this Investment Area in the coming months, why not click here and join the PEACEPLUS mailing list and be the first to hear when this workshop will be held.