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IA 1.3 Building Positive Relations Pre-Application Support

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Prior to the funding call to the new PEACEPLUS Programme opening, the SEUPB held a pre-application support workshop at The Junction, Dungannon on the morning of Wednesday 28 September 2022. It targeted specifically at organisations that will promote positive relations through projects which transcend local boundaries and have the potential to achieve significant peace and reconciliation across Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland. These projects should involve cross-border dimensions where possible and appropriate to the intervention. The SEUPB anticipates that a funding call for this Investment Area will open in Autumn 2022, with an indicative budget allocation set at €35m.

Watch the recording of the Workshop

PEACEPLUS IA 1.3 Building Positive Relations Workshop Presentation Slides 

PEACEPLUS IA 1.3 Building Positive Relations Concept Note - Submission for 1.3 Concept Notes closed on 24 November 2022

Theme 1 FAQs


The Concept Note is available here as a downloadable Word document. For all queries on the concept note, please email

Any organisation interested in becoming a Lead Partner under Area 1.3 may express their interest by completing and returning this Concept Note. The Concept Note does not form part of the formal application process. Instead, it has been put in place to help guide potential applicants, to strengthen their application (should they decide to make one) and to help with a smoother project implementation process in the event of funding being awarded. 



The organisations below are available to contact in relation to potentially forming a partnership for this Investment Area of the PEACEPLUS Programme.

South West College - - Contact:

Springboard Opportunities Limited - - Contact:

Beam Creative Network Contact:

Northern Ireland Youth Forum - - Contact: 


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