GenComm renewable hydrogen project is launched with Belfast Metropolitan College

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Submitted by mccandlessj on Tue, 09/19/2017 - 09:45

Photo of various partners at the launch of the GennComm project

Belfast Metropolitan College’s Springvale Campus recently played host to the official launch of the North West Europe INTERREG funded €9.39M GenComm project.

The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Nuala McAllister, as well as partner organisations involved in the project attended the launch – which aims to answer the energy sustainability challenges facing remote communities across North-West Europe through production and storage of renewable hydrogen.

The innovative GenComm project led by Belfast Metropolitan College, with nine other EU partners, will develop hybrid hydrogen technology pilots from renewable technologies including wind, bio and solar. The project will play a key role on the international stage and help drive the EU's transformation to a low-carbon energy system. For more details click here

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